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Braille is a specialized tactile writing system developed for people with visual impairments. Nowadays, braille language is increasingly being used and made part of traditional wayfinding and informational signs installed in public spaces, such as hospitals, government buildings, office buildings and airports.

The raised dots embossed on these signs create recognizable characters, that help the users comprehend the text by feeling the dots.

Examples of signs displayed with braille include directional signs, public conveniences signs, exit signs, room number or other information.

Anand Sales (India) is India’s leading and experienced custom ADA Braille Signs manufacturer. Our braille signs are developed in full compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CPWD, NBC, Harmonised Guidelines For Barrier Free Environment And Space Standards Govt. Of India.

We use sophisticated automated manufacturing processes that ensure high level of accuracy and precision.

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