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braille lift button

Braille Lift buttons

An important element of Accessible buildings is incorporating braille in the push buttons in elevators/lifts.

The braille lift buttons lets the user locate and read the information displayed on the corresponding buttons and helps them  navigate through different floors of a building with ease and comfort.

We provide a vast variety of braille enable lift buttons to suit your individual needs and  the requirements of your buildings/establishments.

Staircase Edge Strips

Climbing a flight of stairs for individuals with limited visibility can be a challenge and also a major safety hazard. In fact, one of the highest causes for accidents on stairways is poor visibility of both risers and treads. To combat this problem, contemporary building codes require installation of high visibility reflective Edge Strips on treads and risers of the stairs.

These high contrast Edge Strips are installed across the full width of each step-tread and help clearly delineate the tread edge from the rest of the tread. By increasing the visibility of each stair, these edge strips help decrease incidences of accidents through tripping or slipping.

Hand Rail Signs

braille handrail signs india

Braille Handrail signs are commonly installed on staircase handrails and ramps to inform visually impaired users of essential way-finding information such as climbing directions, floor locations, sudden turns, warnings about obstructions or any other information as the situation demands. These informational messages are embossed with braille on the inside of the handrail so that they can be easily read by the visually impaired.

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