Braille is a specialized tactile writing system developed for people with visual impairments. Nowadays, braille language is increasingly being used and made part of traditional wayfinding and informational signs installed in public spaces, such as hospitals, government buildings, office buildings and airports. Examples of signs displayed with braille include directional signs, public conveniences signs, exit signs, room number or other information.

Self adhesive PU Tactile Tile India

Tactile Paving is a system of texturing the floor ground surface to assist pedestrians who are visually impaired complete their journey with ease and confidence. This is achieved by installing a specialized product called PU Tactile. These tiles provide guidance and help convey important information such as clues, directions or warnings.

Braille layout plans are essentially guide maps of the entire building written in braille language, which helps people with restricted or limited visual ability to understand the building layout. This can be especially helpful for large buildings with complex layouts or in emergency situations, as these braille layout plans can be used to identify exit locations.

braille guide maps

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Anand Sales (India) is India’s leading and experienced custom ADA braille signs manufacturer. Our braille signs are developed in full compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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